Best Snowboarding Gloves

Best Snowboarding Gloves available in 2020 – A Usefull Purchase

If you are an avid snowboarder, you know how much fun it is to enjoy the activity when you have the right kind of gear. There are various things you need to get your hands on but in order to protect your hands you need the best snowboarding gloves. These gloves provide the right warmth and safety and ensure that you don’t suffer from frostbites when you are in action.

Factors To Consider When Purchasing The Best Snowboarding Gloves

There are various factors you need to take into consideration so you can get your hands on the best snowboarding gloves.

1.      Waterproof And Breathability

One of the main features you must look at when investing in snowboarding gloves is that they are waterproof. When you spend a lot of time in snow, it tends to melt in between the gloves. If this water penetrates the gloves, you can get a nasty frostbite.

While the gloves should be waterproof, it should still be of breathable material so your hands do not feel any sort of discomfort, even if you wear them for a long time.

2.      Insulation

It is highly recommended that you look for snowboarding gloves that have good amount of insulation. If the snow in your area isn’t too thick, then a medium insulation will work just fine. However, if there is a thick layer of snow, you may want to go in for something that has a thick layer of insulation to keep your hands warm.

3.      Lining

The inside of the glove will always have a lining which provides comfort and also acts as an extra layer of insulation. Some of these gloves may have a net lining, while others may have a synthetic fabric or a cotton lining. Always pick something you think you will be comfortable with and will keep your hands warm and dry.

4.      Fit

It is necessary to choose the right fit when it comes to the best snowboarding gloves otherwise investing in any kind of glove would mean wasting money. If the glove is too big, the extra space will make it uncomfortable for you to hold things and will also let cold air enter the gloves through the gaps.

A tight glove, on the other hand, will start pinching your fingers and the webbings and will also make it uncomfortable to wear for prolonged periods. Make sure you get a glove for yourself that fits you just right.

5.      Cuff Length

There are mainly two choices when it comes to the best snowboarding gloves – a long cuff and a short cuff. The long cuffs are designed to go over the jacket sleeve and provide more protection in comparison to a short cuff. The short cuff may cause your wrist to go numb because there will always be exposed space between your sleeve and the glove however it provides better grip.

6.      Style

There is a wide array of different styles you can choose from but the ones that come with a synthetic outer shell happened to be the most popular. These are also considered extremely durable and with their waterproofing capability, they ensure you do not suffer from frostbites.

There are different materials used in the making of these gloves and this could determine the budget of the gloves as well. So take your time to understand what material you think will work best for you, depending on how long you plan on snowboarding.

Best Snowboarding Gloves

If you are ready to enjoy snow boring then let’s get right into it and protect your hands with some of the best snowboarding gloves Amazon has to offer.

1.      Carhartt Men’s Insulated Glove

Carhartt Men's WP Waterproof Insulated Glove,...
  • Durable, all-purpose polytex shell
  • Digital-grip palm and stick-grip fingers and thumb
  • FastDry technology lining wicks away sweat

This men’s snowboarding glove is one of the best snowboarding gloves you can get your hands on. It is waterproof and well insulated and perfectly designed to keep you warm even in extremely cold conditions. With over 5000 positive reviews on Amazon, you can confidently make this purchase without doubting its quality.

These gloves come in multiple sizes enabling you to choose one that is perfect for you. It is made of polyester which provides utmost comfort and still ensures that your hands are well protected.

These gloves come with a pull on closure to tighten the mouth of the wrist and ensure that no cold breeze enters, even from the slightest gap. These gloves come from the house of Carhartt which is a renowned brand since 1889. The gloves are perfectly crafted and are breathable which ensures you do not feel any sort of discomfort, even if you have them for prolonged hours.

  • Super insulated
  • Reliable brand name
  • Pull on closure feature
  • Compatible to use
  • Breathable material
Not So Goos
  • A little expensive
  • The seams could be sturdier
  • These are only for men
  • The size runs a little small
  • The pull on Velcro could pinch you if not fitted properly

2.      Burton Mitten + Gore Warm Technology

Burton Mens Gore-Tex Mitten, Bog Heather New,...
  • Waterproof DRYRIDE two-layer fabric shell; Mitten has Screen Grab Toughgrip palm for total touchscreen control
  • NEW Removable four-way stretch DRYRIDE Thermex liner updated with Screen Grab touchscreen control; Silicone grip palm offers a firm handle for securing any tool
  • Thermacore insulation with brushed microfiber fixed lining provides added warmth; Ergonomic pre-curved fit

If you don’t like very heavy gloves then these warm mittens are perfect for you. Available in multiple sizes, these mittens along with its gore warm technology will help to keep you warm even in extreme climatic conditions.

These mittens are extremely comfortable and stretchable and come with a four way stretch fleece liner that enables you to wear these lightweight gloves even when the weather is not too cold. If it does get very cold then you just need to slip on the gore warm technology mittens which are a thermally insulated mitten and are designed to fight even the worst climatic conditions.

This is a dual protection system which covers the gloves underneath and the mittens provide extra protection. It is ideally recommended to wear these mittens when you are outdoors and you can take them off once you are inside and it’s slightly warm.

  • Protection against extreme weather conditions
  • Glove plus gore warm material for better protection and versatile use
  • Durable
  • Touchscreen friendly
  • Comes with a fastening feature
  • Very heavy to use
  • The mittens don’t have seam separators
  • Makes it difficult to do your regular tasks
  • The seams tend to be weak
  • Expensive

3.      Carhartt Men’s Insulated Mitt

Carhartt Men's W.P. Waterproof Insulated Mittens,...
  • Fast dry technology lining wicks away sweat for comfort
  • Durable polytex shell
  • Stretch fleece cuff

If you like wearing lightweight flexible gloves and you are looking for heavy duty mittens then these amazing insulated mittens from the house of Carhatt are just what you need. Available in multiple sizes, these mittens provide utmost comfort even in harsh weather conditions.

They come with a pull on closure and are made from 100% polyester. They also come with a fast dry technology so you can wash and wear them regularly to prevent them from smelling funky.

They come from a reliable brand that was established in 1889 which ensures that the gloves are actually heavy duty and won’t give away anytime soon. They work really well to provide warmth. Although they do not have finger separators, they still manage to stretch quite well enabling you to get a lot done even with them on.

This is waterproof and breathable so you won’t feel any sort of discomfort even if you need to wear them for prolong hours.

  • Reliable brand name
  • Extreme protection against winters
  • Pull on feature
  • Can be worn over gloves
  • Heavily insulated hot
  • No fingers separators
  • Seams are week
  • Runs a little small
  • Expensive
  • The Velcro on the pull on feature can pull on the skin if not fitted properly

4.      MCTi Waterproof Mens Snowmobile Gloves

MCTi Waterproof Mens Ski Gloves Winter Warm 3M...
  • 3M Thinsulate Insulation: The gloves are insulated with 40 grams 3m thinsulate and 140 grams warm cotton.It is thick enough to keep hands warmth in cold chilly weather in skiing, snowboarding, winter riding, hiking and other snowsports etc.
  • Waterproof and Windproof Function: The composite three-layers softshell prevents cold wind and snows outside in riding and skiing. The insert waterproof TPU membrane provides entirely guards to keep hands dry in long time snowsports at outdoors. It's better to air dry for a while if sweats a lot.
  • Wear Resistance: Soft full covered Nuback palm and reinforced rubber fingers ensures strong and flexiable hand grip in skis. Nose wipe fabric is available in the thumb finger. It is multifuctional and durable to use in winter sports.

If you are looking for something that is stylish and comfortable and still manages to provide complete protection in harsh climatic conditions then this waterproof means snowboarding gloves are just what you need. Made from thinsulate fabric, these gloves provide protection while still managing not to be very thick and uncomfortable on the hands.

Made of waterproof polyester and thin insulation, these heavy duty gloves are just 3mm in thickness and weigh around 140 grams. However, they manage to provide protection even against extreme temperatures and ensure that your hands are flexible and comfortable.

They are waterproof and windproof and come with a pull on fastening feature that enables you to tighten the cuff of the glove in order to ensure that there is no air that escapes. The glove comes with a zipper pocket on the back of the palm allowing you to carry your keys or ID or even a little cash. This allows you to travel light and still enables you to carry on necessities with you.

  • Super stylish
  • Comes with a zipper for storage
  • Designed for extreme climatic conditions
  • Multipurpose and versatile
  • Budget friendly
  • Limited size options
  • Some people find them too tight
  • Carrying sharp objects in the zipper may tear the inner lining
  • Not accessible as one would expect
  • The Velcro from the pull on fasting feature hurts the skin if not fitted properly

5.      Ski & Snow Gloves

Ski & Snow Gloves - Waterproof & Windproof Winter...
  • Winter-proof: Your hands have never met warmth and comfort like this. With thermal insulation fit for even the most extreme sub-zero temperatures, a waterproof and wind-resistant nylon shell that will keep you warm and dry when you go out into the elements, and a TPU breathable membrane that allows sweat and moisture to escape as you turn up the heat doing your favorite activities, we’ve got you covered, warm, and dry.
  • Built to Last: Crafted with a synthetic leather palm, a tough, reinforced all-nylon outer layer, and dual seams for extra strength and durability, our winter gloves will be there with you for as long as you can still shovel your own driveway or throw a snowball.
  • Get a Grip: Our snow gloves help you get a grip on winter. The double faced synthetic leather palm protects your hands against abrasions and increases your grip on your ski poles, shovel, or your snowmobile.

If you plan on going snowboarding with your family and you want to get your hands on a good pair of skiing or snowboarding gloves, then these amazing waterproof gloves are just what you need. These Unisex gloves come with wrist leashes that help you fasten the cuff to ensure that no breeze goes through.

It comes with a nylon shell and extra thermal insulation to protect even against harsh climatic conditions. It has a synthetic leather palm that enables you to get better grip. The gloves also come with waterproof and weatherproof three layer shell that offers complete protection and ensure that the gloves are durable. It also enables your hands to stay dry all day which is something that is necessary to avoid frostbite.

It also comes with a thumb nose wipe for cleaning your nose. The wrist strap is very essential because it helps to keep your gloves in place especially if you have short and stubby fingers.

  • Unisex gloves
  • Designed for harsh weather conditions
  • Comes with Velcro to fasten the cuff
  • Thumb nose wipe
  • Thermal insulation
  • Runs a little small
  • The touch screen feature does not work well with the gloves on
  • The gloves feel a little bulky
  • The wrist strap tends to hurt the wrist in very cold weather
  • The look is a little too manly and women may not prefer it

Frequently Asked Questions

1.      Is it necessary to wear gloves while snowboarding?

It is highly recommended to wear gloves when there is snowfall because this will prevent your hands from getting numb and ensure that there is proper blood circulation. It also prevents frostbites which could be painful to treat.

2.      How to choose the best snowboarding gloves?

One of the most important features that you should look for in the best snowboarding gloves is the insulation. If you do not have very heavy snowfall and the temperatures do not drop too much then light insulation should work fine. However, in extreme climatic conditions you will need heavy insulation.

3.      Is it better to choose a mitten or a glove?

This is a personal choice. While some people prefer to wear gloves, others find it very uncomfortable and their webbings begin to hurt. If you plan on wearing mittens, you should consider wearing thin flexible gloves underneath.


There are different kinds of snowboarding gloves to choose from. It is important for you to understand what kind of gloves you are looking for. This will help you to choose the best snowboarding gloves and will provide you with utmost comfort. We hope that you find your favorite gloves from the list mentioned above.

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