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5 Best Tent Stakes And Buyer’s Guide – 2020’s Best Models Reviewed

At first sight the best tent stakes are easy to find. After all, they are simple items that have one purpose only, to hold a tent on the ground. But, if we take a closer look, we will see that there are a lot of details, variety and a lot of possibilities. There is no need to lose hope. We will help you as much as we can by providing the most comprehensive buyer’s guide and also 5 models that are a safe choice in 2020.

Top 5 Best Tent Stakes

BareFour Tent Stakes, Heavy Duty Camping Stakes

BareFour 12-Inch Tent Stakes, Heavy Duty Camping...
  • Stakes are about 12” long and Φ is about 0.4”
  • Made of high-quality forged S45C steel, completely get rid of the snapping and bending problem
  • The large head and sharp end of the nail make it easy to penetrate hard or rocky ground

This right here is the best tent stakes for wind for demanding situations and for those who want reliable stakes. In general, they are well-made, from strong material and they are available in different packages. You can choose between 4, 8 and 10 units in the package meaning that all users, regardless of which tent they have can find a suitable number. The best part is mentioned below.

S45C steel

It is a special type of steel which is super strong. As such, you won’t have to worry about bending or breaking the stakes. They are optimized for the most demanding usages and they can withstand years of use. Obviously, they can withstand any type of soil.

12 inches long

Yes, these tent stakes are long and this is the next best thing about them. What this means is that you will get a better withstanding load and the tent will be safer even under strong wind. Despite the length, they won’t bend or break, due to previously mentioned reason.

Hook system

The hooks are an excellent addition. They are designed for simplicity and practicality when setting up a tent. At the same time, these hooks are used for pulling the stakes from the ground. It is best done using the factory hammer (isn’t included in the package).

  • Length
  • Type of steel
  • Great hooks
  • You can choose between different packaging options
  • Hammer is available as optional extra only
  • Heavy


Telustyle Sturdy Tent Stakes with Reflective Pull Cords Heavy Duty

Telustyle tent stakes are truly special. They look modern, they are excellent value for money and you can even choose between several colors. All we can add is that we were more than just satisfied on our tests and we believe you will be satisfied as well. Of course, there is something else we would like to share.

Made of aluminum

It isn’t strange that the material of the tent stakes is aluminum. After all, it is one of the lightest materials out there and it is highly desirable for all users who want to feel safe, but don’t want to carry added weight.

Easy to see

Probably all of you had an incident which involved tripping over a tent stake. In order to make sure that doesn’t happen with this particular mode, the manufacturer offers them in bright colors, such as red and blue (black and gray are available as well).

  • Good-looking
  • Value for money
  • Easy to spot
  • Lightweight
  • Paint finish
  • Only 10-unit pack available


Eurmax Galvanized Non-Rust Camping Family Tent Pop Up Canopy Stakes

Eurmax Galvanized Non-Rust Camping Family Tent Pop...
  • 10 – pack Tent Stakes Heavy Duty with Bonus 4 10ft Ropes & 1 Green Stopper
  • Heavy-duty set of peg stakes,Approx. ¼", ( 8 mm )
  • Tent Stakes Material: galvanized steel for corrosion resistance

Now we have a model of tent stakes that is simply different. As a matter of fact, they also come in a different package, with a gift. The tent stakes here are very popular, desirable and they are designed for those who need the best type of protection while paying close attention to the simplicity.

Milled points

All tent stakes come with milled points, but this model lifts that to another level. The points are very sharp, so make sure to wear protective gear and to be careful while using them. This also means that the stakes will penetrate the ground easily and without any issue.

Rope is included

Believe or not, this is the only model on the market that comes with a free rope. You get 10 feet of it and the type is specially used by campers and hikers. If we know that the entire package is decent value for money and the stakes are made of high-quality materials, we can see that this is a bargain.

  • Free rope
  • Milled points
  • Made of galvanized steel
  • Tough and strong
  • Hooks
  • Customer support


All one tech Pack of 12

Pack of 12, 7075 Aluminum Outdoors Tent Stakes...
  • Ultra Light - An ultra-light, three-sided, high-strength 7075 aluminum tent stakes metal that securely anchors your tent without adding unnecessary weight to your pack, you won't even feel them in your pack
  • Suitable Size - 7 inches long camping stakes - Enough to make your tent firmly grasp the length of the ground
  • Unique Design - Our "Y" design aluminum tarp stakes penetrate and hold firmly in a wide range of soil conditions

Still looking for the best heavy duty tent stakes? Then this model will look very appealing to you. First and foremost, they are some of the best-looking tent stakes available on the market today. But, the design is slightly different as well and there are some unique features regarding this model. In the package, you will get 12 units.

7075 aluminum

The special type of aluminum has been used. This type is lighter than similar ones and can withstand heavy-duty usages. Basically, the stakes are lightweight and strong, so you can use them on different grounds.

Three sided design

If you look carefully you will notice that the stakes have a different, unique shape. It is known as three-sided Y design and what it does is makes the stakes stronger. Basically, a stake has a bigger surface which is desirable by professional campers. Obviously, these stakes won’t break.

Variety of colors

We tested the orange model and we were very satisfied. Also, this color looks nice and it is easy to see in nature. Besides orange, you can get red, black, blue and silver tent stakes.

  • 7075 aluminum
  • Massive package
  • Variety of colors
  • Stronger than usual
  • Dull
  • One length only


ABCCANOPY Tent Stake Pegs Garden Stakes

ABCCANOPY Tent Stakes Camping Tent Stakes,...
  • Heavy-duty set of 10 outdoor tent stakes - 11 inch in length
  • An essential ground anchor tool for gazebo, securing tents, canopies, patio & garden plant structures, or landscape trim
  • Galvanized steel for corrosion resistance, perfect using as tent pegs and garden stakes

The tent stakes you can see are another and the last model on our list. They are popular, common at the moment and they are very desirable for all kinds of users. Keep in mind that the value for money is excellent, considering you get free rope, which is similar to another model on our list. So, why these tent stakes stand out from the crowd?

10 inches long

The length is a bit specific. Most tent stakes are 12 or 7 inches in length, but these ones are 10 inches long. We can see this as an advantage only. After all, added length will make the tent stakes stronger and better for more demanding operations.

Free bonus

We did mention that you get a rope, but there is something else. You also get one PVC top as well. The length of the rope is 10 feet. All combined, this is a great package that is highly desirable by beginners and professionals.

  • Great package
  • Free PVC top and rope
  • 10 inches long
  • Strong and durable
  • Small heads
  • Customer support


Buyer’s Guide For The Best Tent Stakes

Are you looking for the best tent stakes for desert or forest? Which type of tent you have? As you can see, there are a lot of questions you need to answer before you make the final decision. In a nutshell, tent stakes are simple and complicated items at the same time with a massive role, regardless of your camping requirements. Take a moment by looking at the buyer’s guide and the factors you need to understand.

Type of tent stakes

There are 5 main types of tent stakes. Each one is different and comes with its own list of benefits. We will explain each type so you can fully understand why and how these models are effective and why.

  • Shepherd’s Hook- This type is the oldest and the most common even today. The shape is traditional more than modern and these stakes are very strong, but only if they are made of special material.
  • Y-type- These units have a massive soil coverage which makes them very strong. The name is derived due to the shape which resembles the letter Y.
  • J-type- This type is also very popular and it covers a lot of soil, which makes them very desirable. However, they are usually made of aluminum and they are slightly weaker than Y-type. In addition, they are also known as V-type.
  • Nail pegs- As the name suggests, this type looks like a massive nail. What this means is that they are lightweight, easy to use and they are very strong. At the top, these models have a loop or a hole to attach the string.
  • Sand models- Obviously, they are designed to be used in sand, but you can use them in snow as well. The main difference is the ability to add sand or snow in order to increase the weight. The best tent stakes for sand will also have multiple anchor points.
  • Other types- We must point out that there are additional or better said other tent stakes that don’t look like anything of the types mentioned above. For instance, they may look like a spiral or a massive screw.

Material of tent stakes

Not all tent stakes are made of the same material. As a matter of fact, we can see several differences. Each one has its own list of pros and cons.

  • Aluminum- Most common and very affordable. They may bend, but they can withstand a lot of weight and pressure. They are also very lightweight.
  • Steel- These models can withstand anything and they are great for use on hard soil. Best tent stakes for hard ground are always made of this metal.
  • Titanium- Probably the best-looking of them all. The material is super-strong and still lightweight. However, they are expensive.
  • Carbon fiber- Basically you get the same pros and cons as models made of titanium. Carbon fiber stakes are great-looking, strong and lightweight. They are expensive as well.


Do you know that your tent stakes will be carried with you at all times? That’s why weight is an important factor. Make sure you get a lightweight model if you are planning to spend days in the forest and you are planning to walk over a long distance. In that case scenario, carbon fiber models are highly recommended.

Weight a stake can hold

A stake will hold your tent through the storm, but only if the holding weight is higher than the stress the tent is withstanding at that particular moment. For example, when the speed of wind is 35mph, a stake will have to withstand 40 pounds. When the wind speed is 60mph, this stress can be between 50 and 100 pounds. As such, this is one of the most important factors to consider.


The top is simply a small part of the stake that is used to attach the rope or string to the tent. They can be made of metal, steel, PVC or plastics. Those made of metal are the best option. Those made of plastics are the worst option and they should be avoided. Yes, they will hold the tent in place, but they won’t be able to keep it on the ground in a case of wind.


Besides quality, also consider the quantity. Some models come in a package of 10, while others only 4. The size of your tent will determine the number of tent stakes you need.


Color isn’t an important factor to consider due to aesthetics. It is important simply because you will want tent stakes that can be easily seen in nature. That’s being said, you will appreciate orange red or blue models. If you have a unit of this color, the risk of tripping or losing the tent stake will be eliminated. If you have green tent stakes, you will likely have both issues!


The BareFour Tent Stakes, Heavy Duty are the best tent stakes we were able to find. They are the longest (12 inches), they are made of special steel and they come with a very strong top. All of this means that we will give it 5 out of 5 stars and highly recommend them for campers who need a high-quality and durable tent stakes to use on different terrains. They will definitely meet all your requirements.

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